Velo GP 1 – Rider Information



Welcome and thank you for registering to participate in the inaugural Blackchrome VeloGP, a brand new format of road bike racing! We’re really excited you can be involved in our very first demonstration event, and we’re looking forward to showcasing a sporting contest that is exciting, action-filled and gets the crowd on their feet. While the race is designed to deliver high quality cycling action for the crowd, we want you to know that your safety and wellbeing is our first priority. We are committed to ensuring that the racing is fair and safe for all riders.

To deliver on that commitment, we have developed the following rules and etiquette guidelines for our first VeloGP race. These rules and guidelines are non-negotiable and will be enforced by our race officials. While you are required to adhere to them in order to qualify for medal positions and race prizemoney, our first priority is to ensure that all riders (and our spectators) are safe. We thank you for reviewing these rules thoroughly, and for vigilantly adhering to them on race day. A full race rules briefing will be conducted before the event on March 28th. Please contact me directly if you have any questions or would like clarification in advance.

Thank you, and we’re excited to have you race at the inaugural VeloGP – let the racing begin!

Travis Eddie,
General Manager


The offical rider area will be open at 1.30pm on Sunday 28th March. We encourage riders to come down early to check-in, gear up and be ready for track practice at 2pm. 

Riders will be able to enter from the Northern entrance located on George St, a short 4 minute walk from the Event Parking or From the Southern Entrance off McClean St. 

Upon entry to the track, riders must make their way to the Riders Area to sign in with the race Marshall. Change room facilities available for riders if required.

At 2:25pm a mandatory rider briefing will take place in the riders competition area.


Race Manual

The Blackchrome Velo Grand Prix™ will be 2.5 laps of the nominated circuit. Each race will cover a total of 1.05km in distance. The course will involve a number of turns and straights designed to allow safe passing. The Blackchrome Velo Grand Prix™ is a competition that consists of qualifying heats where four riders share the one course. The first and second placed riders in each heat advance to the next round.

It is the responsibility of all riders that they have read and understand the rules. 

Race Program

Below is a sequence of events from the rider area opening through to the presentation and interview of winners at the conclusion of the event. This information will also be readily available in the rider area and in handouts on the day

Time Action Location
1:30pm Rider Area Open Rider Area
2:00pm Rider Track Practise Myer Court
2:25pm Rider brief Rider Area
2:30pm Men’s Heat 1 Myer Court
2:35pm Men’s Heat 2 Myer Court
2:40pm Men’s Heat 3 Myer Court
2:45pm Men’s Heat 4 Myer Court
2:50pm Men’s Heat 5 Myer Court
2:55pm Men’s Heat 6 Myer Court
3:00pm Men’s Heat 7 Myer Court
3:05pm Men’s Heat 8 Myer Court
3:10pm Event Break  
3:15pm Women’s Heat 1 Myer Court
3:20pm Women’s Heat 2 Myer Court
3:25pm Women’s Heat 3 Myer Court
3:30pm Women’s Heat 4 Myer Court
3:35pm Men’s Heat 9 Myer Court
3:40pm Men’s Heat 10 Myer Court
3:45pm Men’s Heat 11 Myer Court
3:50pm Men’s Heat 12 Myer Court
3:55pm Event Break  
4:00pm Women’s Heat 5 Myer Court
4:05pm Women’s Heat 6 Myer Court
4:10pm Men’s Heat 13 Myer Court
4:15pm Men’s Heat 14 Myer Court
4:20pm Event Break  
4:25pm Women’s Final Myer Court
4:30pm Men’s Final Myer Court
4:35pm Presentation- Women’s Race Blackchrome
4:43pm Interview- Women’s Race Winner Blackchrome
4:45pm Presentation- Men’s Race Blackchrome
4:53pm Interview- Men’s Race Winner Blackchrome
4:55pm Event Close  

Event Composition

  • The maximum number of riders for the Blackchrome Velo Grand Prix™ shall be 32 male riders and 16 female riders.
  • Race numbers for the main event will be allocated based on current grade categorised under Aus Cycling grading specifications.
  • The Blackchrome Velo Grand Prix™ comprises of elimination heats of 4 riders in which the groups are matched as shown in the table in Appendix A, in order to ensure that the highest graded riders in the heats should only meet in the final.
  • The riders in each heat ride only once per round. The third and the fourth rider in each heat are eliminated. The first and the second qualify for the next round.
  • The riders in each heat shall select a numbered item from a container at random. The number selected will determine their starting lane for their heat.
  • The riders take the start from a stationary, held position. If a part of the front wheel passes the start line before the starting signal the rider is given a warning and the heat is re-started. If a rider receives two warnings in a single heat the offending rider will be eliminated and the heat will proceed with only 3 riders.
  • If all riders in the heat fall or fail to cross the finish line, the winner is the rider who covered the greatest distance pending any decisions of the commissaires.


  • The course will be 2.5 laps of the nominated circuit. Each race will cover a total of 1.05km in distance. The circuit will include a number of turns and straights designed to allow safe passing (refer to Appendix C).
  • The course will be fully marked and it is the riders’ responsibility to familiarise themselves with the course during the official warmup period as per the schedule.
  • The duration of each race will be between 1 minute 30 seconds and 2 minutes 30 seconds
  • For the first 5 metres of the course, four lanes of equal width will be marked by white lines. Any rider crossing the white line, and deemed to impede another rider could be warned or disqualified.

Rider kit

  • Skinsuits are permitted.
  • Each rider will be allocated a race number, to be pinned on the left, rear side of the jersey for easy identification at the start and finish lines.
  • Each rider will be required to wear a coloured helmet cover for each heat and final they participate in.

Bike Regulations

  • Road Bikes, CX Bikes and Mountain Bikes are permitted.
  • Time Trial Bikes and fixed gear bikes are not permitted
  • Disc wheels are not permitted
  • All equipment is to be compliant with Aus Cycling technical regulations

Race Rules – Crash

  • In the event of a rider crash –
    • If a rider crashes and is unable to remount their bike or remove themselves from the course, remaining riders will be signalled to cease racing and proceed to either the start line or finish line (which ever is safer). Once the crashed rider has been safely removed from the course, riders will return to the start line and the heat will be restarted.
    • If a rider crashes and impedes the progress of another rider- they may be excluded from the restart at the discretion of the commissaires.

Race Rules – Mechanical

  • In the event of a rider suffering a mechanical issue during the race –
    • If the rider suffers a mechanical issue at any stage during a race that renders them unable to complete the circuit they will be considered a DNF and eliminated
    • If the rider suffers a mechanical issue at any stage during a race and they complete the race- they will be ranked in the position they cross the finish line
    • If there are 3 or more mechanical issues in one heat that render 3 or more riders unable to complete the course, the rider who completed the most distance on the bike will be awarded second place at the discretion of the commissaires.
    • In the event that a qualifying rider is unable to compete in the next round due to an unrepairable mechanical fault, the next round will be run as a heat of 3. If it is the final, the organiser may fill the 4th place in that final with the next-placed rider from the correct heat.

Race Rules- Leaving the Course

  • No rider may leave the course during the race for any reason. A rider who leaves the course and rejoins the race will be relegated to the final finishing position in that heat. In the event that this rider then finishes ahead of two DNF riders, the rider who left the course will still qualify for the subsequent round.

Rider Conduct

  • A rider must act in a sporting manner at all times and must permit any faster rider to overtake without obstructing.
  • Any rider who is deemed by the commissaire to have intentionally obstructed another rider in any heat or final is subject to disqualification at the completion of that heat or final
  • Any rider who is deemed by the commissaire to have deliberately crashed another rider in any heat or final is subject to disqualification and the stripping of all prize money earned at the completion of that heat or final.
  • Abusive or threatening language or behaviour by any rider to any other rider, spectator or official is subject to disqualification and the stripping of all prize money earned up until that point.


It is critical that riders understand layout and race format for the day and what is required of them. Below are the requirements for riders on raceday:

  1. Riders are to arrive in the Competitor Area (as outlined in the event map) between 1:30pm and 2:00pm
  2. As soon as riders arrive they are to register by “signing on” at the sign on board and receiving their race number.
  3. Riders can familiarise themselves with the track between 2:00pm and 2:20pm, at which point they will be directed off the track to assemble for the rider briefing
  4. At 2:25pm the Race Director and Chief Commissaire will address the riders and remind them of the rules and expectations for the day
  5. At 2:28pm Heat 1 riders will be called forward and asked to roll onto track and prepare for the start. Heat 2 riders will assemble at the entry to the Competitor Area and await further instruction and Heat 3 will be called by name to line up behind them.
  6. As soon as the 4th rider in Heat 1 crosses the finish line, the riders from Heat 2 will be signalled onto the track, the riders from Heat 3 will assemble at the Competitor Area entry and the riders for Heat 4 will be called by name to line up behind them.
  7. This rolling process will continue for the entirety of the event.
  8. There will be a live leaderboard shown in the Competitor Area so riders can view their next Heat at all times
  9. There will be a run sheet on the Competitor Area information board so riders are aware of the timings for their next race at all times
  10. The onus is on the riders to know their next Heat number and Heat time by checking the information in the Competitor Area.
  11. If a rider is not in position in the Competitor Area when their Heat is called onto the track they may be disqualified
  12. It is strongly encouraged that while you are still actively in the race, you spend as much of your time as possible in the Competitor Area to avoid missing your next heat.
  13. Friends and family are allowed into the Competitor Area, but it is expected that riders still listen to instructions given by race officials at all times
  14. There will be shelter, seating, water and electrolyte drinks supplied in the Competitor Area
  15. There will be a physiotherapist and Mobile Bike Mechanic available to riders in the Competitor Area. There is no cost to riders to utilise their services.
  16. Toilets and food can be accessed in the nearby courtyard (as outlined in the event map). If a rider leaves the Competitor Area for these reasons it is strongly advised that they are aware of the number of their next Heat and time until their next heat.
  17. Riders are welcome to bring rollers or stationary trainers to utilise before or between Heats

Change rooms will be available for riders if required. These are outlined on the event map and an event official will be situated outside the Blackchrome building to guide you to the change rooms.

Prize Money

Men’s Heat 1 $100.00 $50.00    
Men’s Heat 2 $100.00 $50.00    
Men’s Heat 3 $100.00 $50.00    
Men’s Heat 4 $100.00 $50.00    
Men’s Heat 5 $100.00 $50.00    
Men’s Heat 6 $100.00 $50.00    
Men’s Heat 7 $100.00 $50.00    
Men’s Heat 8 $100.00 $50.00    
Men’s Heat 9 $100.00 $50.00    
Men’s Heat 10 $100.00 $50.00    
Men’s Heat 11 $100.00 $50.00    
Men’s Heat 12 $100.00 $50.00    
Men’s Heat 13 $100.00 $50.00    
Men’s Heat 14 $100.00 $50.00    
Men’s Final
Women’s Heat 1 $100.00 $50.00    
Women’s Heat 2 $100.00 $50.00    
Women’s Heat 3 $100.00 $50.00    
Women’s Heat 4 $100.00 $50.00    
Women’s Heat 5 $100.00 $50.00    
Women’s Heat 6 $100.00 $50.00    
Women’s Final

An email will be sent on Monday, 29th March to all riders who win Prize Money. This email will confirm prize money won and have a link to supply bank details in an online form.

Once your bank details are submitted, payment of your prize money will be made within 2 working days.

Velo GP 1 – Race Bracket

Men’s Results

Women’s Results

Course & Event Map

Water and sports drinks will be provided in the riders area as well as a physiotherapist and bike mechanic


A new racing format has arrived, Blackchrome are proud to host Velo GP 2

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