Yesterday we made our way into the center of the city for Round 7 of @auscyclingsa’s @cyclingsuperseries on Rundle Street.

The best description of the course I came across was a five millimeter hex key (thanks Pat Galloway for that one) – a 900m course featuring two hotdog hair pins and a 90 degree turn tucked in between, with one straight longer than the other. So, literally, a five millimeter hex key.

As you’d expect, the racing was pretty tough – with each and every 180 degree turn followed by a sprint at very uncomfortable wattages. Over and over. For 40 minutes.

In Cat 2, separations in the bunch ensued, with one major separation occurring at halfway with Blackchrome strongly represented by Tys Cooper, Adam Bowey and Jimmy Wade. While the race ended up staying together – the final bunch was culled significantly from the 45 starters. Adam landed himself in the top ten to grab a few points, with Nick Clark just outside of the 10 despite being put out of position on the final hot dog.

In Cat 3, Paul Pearce was able to escape the bunch – going solo for four laps. His bravery was rewarded with third place, an awesome result. All in all, a really solid day’s racing that was followed by a couple of beers and some banter.

Chapeu to the team at Aus Cycling SA- an event as good as this one, especially featuring CBD road closures, is no mean feat and should be commended.

And finally – thanks to James Raisonfor his amazing photography of the day. Lucky to have you mate!