Saturday’s @auscyclingsa Super Series Points Race was a tough one!

In a huge and chaotic Cat 3 Mens field, Paul Pearcekept his nose out of trouble and while putting in a huge effort to contest a number of sprints as well as going solo for the final two laps to cross the line first and take out the final sprint, with team mates Juan Molina, Michael Tozer and Julian Bleddyn doing a fine job of keeping the field glued together in between sprints.

Over in Cat 2, the guys fought a tough race. With a strong break getting up the road, Adam Bowey and Richard Crombie dug deep on the front to bring it back. As is often the case, organisation was difficult on the front, so the break took the majority of the points sprint spoils. In the end Nick Clark ended up in the top 10, not quite the result he wanted but a commendable effort nonetheless. 

An honourable mention goes to GM of our title sponsor Blackchrome, Travis Eddie, for stepping up and filling in – solid effort mate! Not only do the crew at Blackchrome make great kit, they ride too.

From here we’re looking forward to the Aldinga Criterium on the 23rd – it’s going to be a good one.