The weekend’s racing saw a strong contingent from the Blackchrome Racing team take on the challenge of Adelaide Hills Cycling Club’s Montacute Road Time Trial.

Montacute Road is one of Adelaide’s longer climbs across the eastern foothills, with this route variation going from the very bottom in Athelstone all the way to the top at Marble Hill.

At 11km in length, the average gradient is 4% – but the average gradient hides several extended ‘shallow’ or false flat sections, as well as a couple of short descents. The result is a tough and long climb with punchy sections that still takes the fastest riders well over 20 minutes.

Our team posted strong results. At the front of the bunch was Jimmy Wade with a time of 25:18 – continuing his climbing success this year. He took the win in C grade, with his time 4th fastest overall – faster than several A and B graders.

Michael Man also flexed his watts – taking second in C2, posting 27:39… after riding Kensington Road and Coach Road… and then going on to complete over half of the Dirty Dozen. Beast mode.

Alison Skinner (29:53) and Nathan Ross (33:01) cemented their place with third place on the podiums in D1 and D2 respectively, while Simon Veitch (30:03) and Luke Dingley (30:34) narrowly missed out on the podium – both taking fourth place in C2 and D1 respectively.

Thanks to Amanda Jane & Dunn Photography for photos from the day.