The weather turned it on for this edition of Norwood Cycling Club’s Winter Crit series – sure, it was cold, but it was dry. And that’s all that matters – if you don’t have to wash your bike post ride, that’s a win. Up in B Grade, Nick Clark continued with his excellent sprinting form taking 3rd. Now his third podium in three races, really solid stuff there. There is constant discussion in the group chats about the sort of numbers that Michael Man is able to do and how ridiculous they are. He showed that off in C grade, going solo for what felt like half the race in an effort to chase down a strong 5 man break. He didn’t quite bridge – but managed to fend off the bunch and finished sixth. In D Grade, Travis Eddie – the Blackchrome GM no less – held it down in a crazy bunch sprint to take fourth. 35 people contesting a D grade sprint is not my favourite place to be, so kudos to Trav. Overall – and most importantly – a fun day of racing. Thank you to all the volunteers at NCC that make these races a reality, as well as James Raison (@rideadelaide) and Christian Rodriguez for the photos.