We were lucky enough to head out to Macclesfield for Adelaide Hills Cycling Club’s Stamps Rd Road Race – a gruelling 13km course with 150m elevation each pass. One lap can be hard, but multiple at race pace becomes brutal very quickly.

Adam Bowey and Jimmy raced in the combined A and B grade – obviously a super tough race, with the stronger A graders attacking hard to drop B grade. Unsurprisingly, they were successful at doing so by the end of the second climb! Both Adam and Jimmy made the 4 man B-grade selection, with one rider managing to get up the road amidst the flurry of A grade attacks – and managed to form a break with an A grade rider that was dropped from that selection. All said and done, Adam took second in the selection’s final, with Jimmy in third – landing Adam on the podium with third and Jimmy just outside for fourth.

In C1, Harry Hollaway was looking super good through the first two climbs to cop a front wheel pinch flat delivered via pothole. Hard luck for Harry’s second race – where no doubt he would have looked good for the uphill finish. Next time mate!

In C2, the race featured a strong bunch with fast and aggressive racing. The group managed to stay together with Victoria Veitch taking 6th, Daniel Kelly in 7th, Simon Veitch in 9th and Noah Piggin in 11th.

In D1, Luke and Alison continued their domination of the grade with Luke in second place and Alison in third. If the handicapper is listening, surely three podiums in a row is up a grade for Luke?

From here we’re looking forward to the next couple of weekend of Super Series racing, with the Aldinga crit coming up this weekend, followed by the Gawler race the following weekend.